About Jenny Smith

About Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith English Books.

Who are you?

I’m the author of over 20 very popular learn English books. I’m English and have taught English to people from many different countries. I’ve literally done everything from managing a small school to working in a university.

Why do you publish books and audiobooks?

Basically after years of teaching I noticed that textbooks are usually boring and often don’t teach the real English that you would need in real everyday situations. So I decided to write them myself.

What type of books are they?

I cover a lot of different aspects of English such as idioms and business. But basically all of my books¬†are a collection of short and interesting articles. They’re full of useful stuff that you wont find in normal textbooks.

Do people like them?

People absolutely love them and experience real and fast results.

Anything else?

No! Just get started!