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Master Business English. Book 2: Reading Practice

Published Date: 11/01/2017

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Master Business English Through Reading.

At last, a way to study business English in a fun, engaging and effective way.
Even though business is basically a very interesting subject the majority of business English textbooks cover the same stuff over and over again in a very boring manner. It doesn’t make sense, they take an interesting subject and make it boring! The Master Business English series is different. In Book One we focused on 90 essential business terms that you will not find in regular textbooks. In this book you will gain a deeper knowledge of all the vocabulary from Book One through reading 14 interesting business related articles.

How you will benefit from reading this book:


    • Naturally remember 90 essential words and phrases by reading engaging business articles.


    • All business words and phrases appear many times throughout the book so you will remember easily and be able to use them in different contexts.


    • Have fun while studying. If you are enjoying yourself, your brain will be more receptive to learning.
    • You will understand and remember more easily.


    • Gain a 100% concrete understanding of the vocabulary you studied in Book One of this series.


    • Everything is in English rather than your own language. This is a great way to get you ‘thinking in English’ and to start really mastering the language.


    • Test yourself on your knowledge of this essential business vocabulary. After each section there are comprehension questions to help you gain a deeper understanding of the text.


    • This book is an essential addition to anyone who is serious about mastering business English.

Whether you own your own company, need English in your everyday work or if you just want to be confident reading a newspaper or watching the news; this is the book for you. Get started today by clicking the buy button and download the book immediately.