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Master Business English: 90 words and phrases to take you to the next level

Published Date: 11/01/2017

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Want to take your business English to the next level?

Most textbooks teach the same things; presentations, speaking on the phone etc. This is great at the beginning, but if you are going to succeed, you’ll need more.

You need to be able to walk into any business situation and feel seriously confident. That is why I wrote this book; to help you go from good to great. To really master business English.

Learn: 90 essential words and phrases that will give you an edge in the business world.


Improve: using real examples from the business world.

To help you really understand how to use the target language we have included links to real examples used in the real world. Usually in English textbooks the examples are too ‘clean’, too ‘perfect’. This is because the author wants to explain how to use the word as simply as possible. Unfortunately in the real world things are a little more complicated. That is why we have included examples written by a teacher and links to those from real business publications. So you fully understand and then later feel confidence when hearing the vocabulary in a real business situation.

Master: the language in the following essential business English topics.


    • General business English.


    • Start-ups.


    • Online business.


    • Finance.

This book is the perfect stepping stone from ‘textbook’ business English to the ‘real’ language that will help you excel in the business world. If you are ready to truly advance, press the buy button and get started today.