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Master English in 12 Topics: Book 3: 182 intermediate words and phrases explained

Published Date: 11/01/2017

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This is the third book in the very popular series.

Lots of intermediate English speakers tend to get trapped using the same vocabulary over and over again. They often only speak about subjects they know the words for and avoid anything outside of their ‘comfort zone’. The problem with this is that even though they sound ok, they never really get any better.
If you really want to improve, you need to be able to speak about a wide range of topics. For this, you will need to learn the special vocabulary connected to these topics.

What are the benefits of using this book?


    • You will learn 182 useful words and phrases.


    • You will be able to speak about 12 new topics with confidence. This will greatly improve your English conversational ability.


    • All new words and phrases are introduced in fun and interesting articles and stories. So you will learn naturally.


    • Everything is explained in easy to understand English, so you can get used to ‘thinking in English’.


    • There are 100’s of example sentences to help you understand how these words and phrases are used in everyday language.


    • For each topic I have listed useful television shows and YouTube channels to help you practice your new vocabulary.


Remember these are all topics that native speakers often talk about. They also tend to use specialized language so it’s important that you know it too.

If you are in the intermediate level and are looking to really improve then this a great place to start. Get started on your journey to English fluency today by clicking the buy button.